We are

We are a branding and design firm focused on helping the outdoor and tactical industry. We drive awareness and create enthusiasts that lead to sales by providing expertise in: logo and identity design; brand strategy and messaging; creative; and digital content.

photo by: J.W. Ramp

We Understand

We know what it takes to connect your brand to your audience. We sharpen focus on why your brand matters and what makes it necessary to the consumer. We understand your audience because we are your audience.


Rat Mountain delivers a combination of expertise in design, brand strategy, and technology to create brand experiences that, educate audiences, deepen enthusiasm that drive demand and create consumer desire.


During my 27 + year design career pet rats have always been part of the “team.” From my early years in design school, they kept me company during long nights working on projects. Today, we keep a pet rat at the studio but bring the high-energy experience and adventure with us!

Logo & Identity

Develop identity systems and ‘Style & Standards’ guides that visually express your brand clearly and consistently.

Brand Strategy

Develop effective branding, positioning, and messaging that aligns to how your audience understands and experiences your brand.


Create visual content that translate specifics and insights into content that raises awareness, generates interest and educates audiences to act.


Develop digital strategy and website design that strengthen your brand, deepen audience engagement and deliver impact.